Only in Las Vegas

7 06 2009

Normally I’m the one that gets blamed for the crazy ideas and product names at Think Tank Photo, but this new product launch with showgirls has to be given credit to Larry Atil and Brian Erwin. Of course this would only have worked in Las Vegas, otherwise it would not have been so amusing.

Absurdity makes people laugh, and this was absurd.

Immersion_115_df_sm copy

The showgirls strolled into the room and seductively handed out bags to each participant, with feathers, beads, and diamond studded pierced belly buttons. This was quite a surprise for both the coaches and the participants, not expecting anything so outlandish at the beginning of such a “serious” training event.

ONLY IN LAS VEGAS. Anywhere else, this stunt would have fallen flat. But here in the city of glitz, gambling, sin and showgirls, it was a grand introduction for both the NPPA event and for Think Tank Photo.

I believe the reason why this happened is because as a company, we do “think outside of the box.” When we brainstorm, we never eliminate seemingly crazy ideas, concepts, or names, and the benefit is that we end up laughing a lot……except in this case we took the risk and actually executed the crazy idea.
Immersion_070_df_sm copy

The attractive feathery showgirls were great sports…..special thanks to Tara, Lonestar, and Chrystal of Stardust Showgirls ( for making this a  memorable event.

We are proud sponsors of the National Press Photographers Association and the Multimedia Immersion program. Thanks to Jim Straight, Seth Gitner, and Will Sullivan for allowing us to be part of the program and for giving us the opportunity to introduce our new product line Las Vegas style.

You can see more pictures on the Think Tank Photo Facebook page,, and




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22 10 2009

Oh this made me laugh “Trust Brian”


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