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27 08 2008


Think Tank co-founder and photojournalist in Thailand.

Think Tank co-founder and photojournalist Kurt Rogers in Thailand.

We are a group of designers and professional photographers focused on studying how photographers work, and developing inventive new carrying solutions to meet their needs. By focusing on “speed” and “accessibility,” we prepare photographers to Be Ready “Before The Moment,” allowing them to capture those historic moments that reflect their personal visions and artistic talents. For some companies, it is only about the product. For us, it is more: It is about supporting photographers doing their job. If we can design products that help photographers travel easier, take pictures faster, and organize their gear more efficiently, then we will have accomplished something beyond the bags themselves. www.thinktankphoto.com




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17 04 2009
Daniel O'Connor

I just want to respond with some comments about my experience with your gear and the importance of choosing the right system for the job.

My first ThinkTank purchase was the Rotation 360 backpack. I fell in love with it’s integrated design and it’s ingenious belt pack/ easy access feature. It is a wonderful pack in both design and execution. But it was not well suited for the style of photography that I do most often. I am a commercial photographer specializing in architecture, people portraits and events. In everyday use, I was only using the Backpack for transporting gear from car to curb to and primarily just wearing the beltpack sans backpack when shooting. It was semi practical. But not quite optimum.

By contrast, I recently acquired the Airport Security v. 2.0 and a modular belt kit, with a pixel racing harness & a Digital Holster 40. The modular belt kit & Holster is filled with my camera/flash/lens + accessories and conveniently stored inside my large rolling Airport Security bag. When I get to my location, usually by car, I often just zip open the ‘Airport’ and strap on the modular belt and go. The Modular belt with the Pixel Racing Harness is sooo comfortable and such a pleasure to use. I can quickly customize it to lighten my load or easily carry everything to maximize my options. It doesn’t hurt to know that it looks as great as it works. The Airport Security case works equally well for local transport & is of course airport carry on ready. It worked great on it’s recent inaugural flight to Tucson. The Airport’s design details are well thought out and the quality seems first rate. Kudos and thanks for gear that really works for my style of equipment storage, transport & shooting.

Daniel O’Connor
Daniel O’Connor Photography & Digital Media
architecture + interiors & enterprising people

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