On Supporting Photographers

26 08 2009

I get a lot of phone calls from photographers requesting to be sponsored by Think Tank Photo.  I recently received an unusual email from Canadian photographer Kelvin Young who was volunteering to go to Nairobi, Kenya with the ORBIS Flying Eye Hospital.  (You can read about the flying hospital here).

Photographer Kelvin Young on the ORBIS DC-10 Flying Eye Hospital, with Think Tank gear.

Photographer Kelvin Young on the ORBIS DC-10 Flying Eye Hospital, with Think Tank gear.

I spent some time on Kelvin’s website and also on the ORBIS website and was impressed with ORBIS’ mission and that Kelvin was going to document the event as a photojournalist.

Philosophically, I have always maintained that our mission at Think Tank is more than just supplying bags to photographers. There are many companies that focus solely on the product, and forget about the larger ramifications of what impact their products have on the world.  I have always believed it is vitally important to support photographers, because the images that they create and use to tell stories are absolutely vital.  Our mission is about more.  It is about supporting photographers doing their job.

So the story about the Flying Eye Hospital, a DC-10 aircraft converted into a mobile ophthalmic surgical unit, is really an amazing one.

I am proud of the fact that we could support both ORBIS and Kelvin on their trip to Kenya. You can see some of Kelvin’s photos of the trip on youtube.



5 responses

27 08 2009
Jere Judd

Wonderful slide show. Loved it. A project that Think Tank can be proud to have partnered in.

27 08 2009

Cool shot, but um… was your photography bag(s) sterile? :p

7 09 2009

Thanks Jere for viewing the slideshow! Think Tank bags defiantly helped me during the assignment and both ORBIS Canada and I greatly appreciate all the support and contributions Doug and the Think Tank team had generously donated to help make the assignment a success!

22 09 2009
Glenn Guan

Superb work by Kelvin and a great sponsorship by ThinkTank. U guys rawk!

2 11 2009
Jeff Binns

This is one of the reasons I love Think Tank! They give back to the community. I enjoyed meeting everyone in NY. Take care, Jeff

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